Health and Nutrition

Dickson County Schools take student health seriously and want all students to be at their best, not just academically but physically as well.

Because students spend the majority of their day at school, student health should be second only to academic achievement. Good overall health allows students to focus on studies and activities with fewer injuries and less stress on their body. Poor dietary habits such as skipping breakfast and eating a limited range of foods can adversely affect a student's ability to concentrate. Lack of daily exercise also negatively affects a young person's academic performance and physical well-being. Imbalance of both diet and exercise can eventually lead to childhood obesity which significantly impacts the health of the student even into adulthood.

Parents, please encourage your child to be active and to learn to make good choices with food. You can find more information about nutrition for kids using the links on this page.

Beating colds, flu and other communicable illnessesSick Child

Wellness starts with good habits. To beat colds and flu students must learn the value of good hygiene and personal care. Hand washing, covering your mouth when sneezing or coughing, eating and sleeping well are just a few things students can do to help avoid illnesses that may cause them to miss school. Promote good wellness habits at home and help our children stay well.